Sunday, July 17, 2011

Essential Oils as Cold Sore Remedy

Cold sores or fever blisters are not only ugly and annoying, but they are downright painful. The lips are very sensitive.

Some people are very prone to getting a cold sore or a fever blister if they have a cold or run a fever, while others never get one. Nobody knows why this is true, but it is.

Cold sores and fever blisters are caused by a virus. If you can kill the virus, then the cold sore or fever blister will heal up and go away. Killing the virus is the problem.

You can use essential oils in killing the virus of cold sore. Just put a drop of Lavender oil on a cold sore.

Other home remedies used to treat cold sores and fever blisters is to apply ice to them and alternate the ice with a hot tea bag or a poultice made of green tea leaves.

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  1. Can you give me the list of Oils which will be useful for cold sore.
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    Fernando Hook
    cold sore treatments